It is an important part of our duties to inform the public about newest insights in a format that is understandable, and to explain the value of our work. Tax payers' money is the main funding source for many science labs and we should make the outcome of that science accessible to the general public. Furthermore, voices against experiments that involve animals have become louder in the past years, often due to a lack of information and understanding of what is done and why. We aim to inform interested laymen, voters and policy makers about our research to provide them with a better understanding and illustrate the knowledge we can gain from those experiments.

Here you can find information about our recent outreach events. If you are interested in our research for an event for non-scientists, please contact katja.reinhard[at]sissa.it.

Skype a Scientist

Skype a scientist (https://www.skypeascientist.com/, https://twitter.com/skypescientist) is a platform that brings together school classes and other interested laymen with scientists. We have so far participated twice:

January 2022: 4th graders in California, USA, were part of an interactive lecture about the brain of toads and how it allows them to avoid danger and identify interesting things like food. The students asked excellent questions ("If the toad can distinguish between a horizontal stimulus, which means food like a worm, and a vertical stimulus, which means danger like a stork, what would happen if the stork was lying down?").

May 2022: Several classes of 4th graders in Florida, USA, were part of a similar lecture where they learned about animals avoiding danger and approaching food.